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About us

Tomasz Grzywaczewski

I am a journalist, author of books, documentaries and TV programs. I am honored to be a member of the American “Explorers Club”. I reported on armed conflicts in the Donbas, Turkish Kurdistan and Nagorno-Karabakh. 

I am the originator of expeditions, including the “Long Walk Plus Expedition” - trips from Siberia to India in the footsteps of Polish refugees from the Gulag and an expedition to the Stalinist “Dead Road” and a participant in the expedition to Cameroon “Vivat Polonia 2016” in the footsteps of Polish explorer Stefan Szolc-Rogoziński.

I work with numerous magazines, including the American “Foreign Policy”, internet portals and radio stations. I am a laureate of the creative scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage in the Literature category.   

I believe that there is only one way to truly discover the world: to discover another man. And it’s best to do it together with my lovely wife Kaja.       

Kaja Grzywaczewska

I am a strategic consultant and a mechanical and production engineer by education. I am honored to be a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and a Fulbright Scholarship graduate from Columbia University in New York with a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

I have acquired my experience, among others in the USA, France and Hong Kong. My areas of interest are strategic development, operational transformations, implementing new production processes and creating new products. I am a member of the Polish-American Cooperation Council. I also had the opportunity to be a member of the team building the Mars rover at the Lodz University of Technology.

As Tomek’s wife, I had the pleasure to co-create the “Borders of the Second Polish Republic” project. Each of us has their own way for discovering the world through the other person, but the most important thing is that we do it together.

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